Foundation Friday: Marc Jacobs Shameless


Hey Ladies and Gents! (I don’t think dudes read this, but don’t want them to feel left out) Foundation Friday is back this week with the much anticipated Marc Jacobs Shameless Youthful Look 24 hr Foundation – really Marc? Was the world’s longest name necessary? Anywho, I received some samples of this with some recent Sephora purchases and wanted to do a wear test to see if it would be worth any hype. I love a lot of Marc Jacobs products, but their previous foundations were a miss for me. For reference, I have combination skin which is mostly under control these days. My t zone does get just a tad shiny, the rest is pretty normal.

Info and Claims

  • medium coverage
  • natural finish
  • for all skin types
  •  SPF 25
  • 24 hour wear
  • $46

9:30 AM

When I first applied the foundation, it went on easily with a beauty blender and seemed to blend in with my skin fairly well. I loved that the finish was natural, not too matte, not too dewy. It didn’t feel too heavy, but I could tell I had makeup on my face. I love light to medium coverage foundations. I am not a full coverage gal – no shade if you are, do you girl. So this seemed right up my alley. Especially since the previous foundation was so heavy and cakey.

4:30 PM


I was wrong, y’all. I was not going to love this. As you can see, around my chin the foundation started to wear off – cake up and cling to texture. I don’t have much texture on my face, but what was there this emphasized. Also, you can see this does sort of emphasize pores, ew. This was only 6 hours of wear. As the day went on it was almost like the foundation got heavier and heavier. Around 5pm I was already wanting to wash my face. I don’t typically take my makeup off until 7 or 8 pm.

The foundation didn’t seem to break up or get cakey anywhere else, except the chin. The forehead didn’t look terrible. The rest of my face was still on. I’m just not feelin’ it. If I’m paying $46 for a foundation, I want it to last throughout the day. I don’t see how this is at all 24 hr wear (not that I would ever wear foundation that long, my pores would be pissed).

To sum it up

  • if you have any texture or dry skin – STAY AWAY this is not your friend
  • not as light weight as I would like
  • if you have oily / normal skin you might like it
  • still don’t think it’s worth the price tag – stick with Maybelline, she will not betray you like this

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you thought!

3 thoughts on “Foundation Friday: Marc Jacobs Shameless

  1. It’s a shame that this was kinda disappointing! I just finished watching Kathleen Lights video on this foundation and she also didn’t rate it too highly x


  2. Desi Perkins reviewed this foundation and she looked so beautiful and radiant in it and I believe she did a wear test too. Literally everyone else, it is cracking up on them and everything. I grabbed a sample of it and I hated it.


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