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Why I’m NOT Buying Tarte Shape Tape Foundation


If you follow beauty news, then you’ve probably heard about the release of the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. After the uber-success of the Shape Tape Concealer, they wanted to expand that line to include a full-coverage foundation. The foundation comes in two finishes, hydrating and matte to cater to different skin types.

The foundation was released in 15 shades. Yes, 15. In the new age of Fenty Beauty, a high end makeup brand had the nerve to release 15 shades. Not only 15 shades, a good 12 of them are for people with light-medium skin. So if that number isn’t enough for you, here is a visual.


These are the swatches from Popsugar. As you can see it is a VERY LARGE majority of shades of white people. Yes, I know there are people of color with lighter skin who could use some of the other shades. However, as a beauty company their first thought should be inclusivity. They have already announced they will be adding 10 more shades. But, it almost makes you think, was this because of the backlash? People of color should not be an after thought of your product. It’s shameful that a company would send such a message, but also doesn’t make sense from a marketing stand point because you want to ensure all of your consumer base can use your product.

Moving beyond the lack of diversity in this product, there is nothing that really stands out to me here. Maybelline offers a Fit Me Foundation in Matte and Dewy. You can find it at the drugstore and they also have an insane amount of shades. I’ll stick with my Maybelline, try again next time Tarte. This doesn’t mean I will no longer support them as a brand, but I sincerely hope this helps them realize their wrong doings and correct the issue going forward. I strongly believe that every woman (and man!) should have a place in the beauty community and brands should take note.

What were your thoughts? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT Buying Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

  1. This is actually the first I’ve heard of the backlash? Maybe they are trying to just hit a launch date expectation and the other shades were still in development. I try and give the benefit of the doubt instead of chasing everyone with a pitch fork. If they are correcting the issue then it’s no longer an issue in my eyes.
    I also read somewhere that the darker shades are considerably more difficult to develop. (I don’t know how true that is)


    1. It’s all over the internet. Check twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Google. People of color shouldn’t be an after thought. No “pitch fork” chasing over here. They made 12 shades for white people. If all other shades for different ethnicities were still in development, they should’ve waited to launch. Period.

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