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Why You Should Be Wearing SPF Every Day

Believe it or not, the sun is harming your skin at all times. Even in winter, even when you’re indoors. After centuries of destroying our ozone layer, we have very little protection from UV rays on our skin. The sun’s UV rays are powerful enough to penetrate through windows, clouds etc. So you still need it, even inside. Incorporating SPF into your daily routine can not only help protecting you from skin cancer, it also helps prevent wrinkles. Sun exposure is responsible for 80+% of wrinkles and premature aging to your skin. Who wouldn’t want to prevent that?

When my great-grandmother was on her death bed (literally) she looked at me and said “You have pale skin like me, if I could give you one piece of advice it would be to wear your sunscreen so you don’t have all of these sun spots on your face like me!” While hilarious at the time, I’ve decided to take that advice and protect my face.

IMG_4029If my foundation or tinted moisturizer doesn’t already have SPF built in, I will use the Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50. I love this one because it’s light-weight, non-greasy and wears well under makeup. Supergoop recently released a clear formula that I want to try after I finish this one. A lot of sunscreens will break my face out, but this one does not. Supergoop is also Cruelty-Free (always a great bonus!)

When I was a teenager, tanning beds were all the rage. I tanned for at least 2 years straight, I even worked at a tanning bed for a bit. With my history of tanning beds, and also being sun burnt pretty much once a summer for my entire life, my risk of skin cancer is pretty up there. Now I am trying to prevent want I can.

Remember, it’s easier to prevent than to treat.

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