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Balyage Hair for Spring

Spring is that time of year where I like to make changes to my beauty routine, as well as switching up my wardrobe and hairstyle. This week I took the plunge and got some balyage to my hair.


Balyage is the process of hand painting on the highlights instead of using foils. It is somewhat similar to he ombre trends that was around a few years ago. However, balyage is more blended and seamless. I went to the Salon at Ulta Beauty in Barboursville, West Virginia. The application process took about an hour, as it is more tedious than foiled highlights. Then about another 35-40 minutes for the color to process. She used a toner as well to ensure it wasn’t brassy. She mentioned that she mixes oils, like Moroccan oil in with the bleach to help combat damage.


IMG_2172.JPGI am super pleased with the results and can’t wait to keep going lighter as we get closer to the warm summer months.

How are you refreshing yourself for Spring? Let me know!

XOXO Awkward Girl Beauty

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