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Foundation Friday: Smashbox Studio Skin


It’s that time of the week again, Foundation Friday! I recently just picked up this Smashbox foundation to test out. I’ve honestly not really tried that many smash box products in the past but this has a lot of big claims. It says it’s a 15 hour wear hydrating foundation with a demi-matte foundation. It’s also paraben and sulfate free and comes in 22 shades. The hardest part in store was finding my shade because they didn’t have any type of guide or description such as “fair cool” or “light warm”. Smashbox’s website does give a little bit more information on the shade range. Smashbox also went cruelty-free recently, woo-hoo! I paired it with the Smashbox Photo finish Pore Minimizing Primer. As I mentioned previously, I have combo skin with an oily T Zone. Alright, let’s get to the test…

8:00 Am


As you can see, it does have a nice demi-matte finish, not flat. It’s a medium coverage, but definitely buildable if you’re into the full coverage thing. It also feels so light weight, which is a MAJOR plus for me.

2:00 pm


This was taken with my iPhone, so the quality is a little lower. But as you can see, it looks exactly the same. The glare on my nose is actually from the light in the room. My forehead isn’t even the least bit shiny!

7:00 pm


I do wear glasses so that is why it always comes off around my nose. But after 11 hours of wear?! Are you kidding me?!? I have a bit of a shine on my forehead but nothing crazy, and no oil at all on my nose or chin! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so impressed with foundation. I think this may take the spot for my favorite HOLY GRAIL foundation – we will see.

Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation and what you think!

XOXO AwkwrdGirlBeauty

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