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Foundation Friday: Wet ‘N Wild Photo Focus Foundation

porcelain1.pngI have decided to start a new series on my blog doing weekly wear-tests on different foundations. I own so many, and I am always buying new ones so I thought maybe it would be helpful. This foundation has been all over YouTube and Instagram so I had to check it out because it’s so cheap, $5.99! It claims to be good for photography, and I agree. To preface this, my skin type is combination. I have an oily T zone but I am normal every where else. Here’s how my wear-test went…

8:00 Am


I did use primer and setting powder as normal. As you can see, it is a satin finish with medium coverage. It really looks great after application! I applied it with a beauty blender. It does dry kind of fast so keep that in mind. It also comes with a little spatula, instead of a pump, which I thought was weird at first but I actually didn’t mind it.

1:00 pm


I used my iPhone to take my mid-day check in so the quality is a little lower, but you get the idea. The foundation still looks amazing but as you can see, my forehead is getting a tad shiny – but still not bad!

7:00 pm


My last check in was at 7:00 pm, after about 11 hours of wear. As you can see, I’m pretty oily! But, this is pretty normal for me. I didn’t even blot once, so honestly it is worse with other foundations. It did wear off a little around my nose, but I wear glasses so this is also normal. I honestly can’t believe a $5 foundation looks this good after 11 hours of wear! If you have normal, dry skin I bet this work amazingly for you! Powders also apply amazingly on top. I really don’t have any complaints about this foundation – other than I wish they had a better range in shade selections but, it is new so I will give them a little time. I definitely think you should check this out! 5/5 stars.

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6 thoughts on “Foundation Friday: Wet ‘N Wild Photo Focus Foundation

    1. I would definitely use a mattifying primer if you do – I used a hydrating primer today and I definitely got more oily. But It’s more of a satin finish so you can definitely get longer wear with a matte primer. Thanks or reading! 🙂


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