Battle of the Beauty Sponges

I recently picked up the new Eco Tools perfect blender duo and thought I would compare them to the rest of the blenders I own.


If you haven’t heard of the beauty blender, you probably aren’t that into makeup. It’s everywhere. I’ve been purchasing this expensive ass sponges for years. But I will tell you this, they are amazing and I do love them. They’re perfecting for blending foundation and concealer. You can pick these up at Sephora.


This little awkward guy is also super hyped and usually considered the closest dupe for the beauty blender. To be completely honest, I don’t really like it that much and rarely use it. I don’t think it’s bad and may be good for someone on a budget. It’s too dense for my taste. You can get these at ulta or other drugstores.


I am a big fan of the eco tools brand. So when I saw they came out with these new sponges, I had to pick them up. Excuse the dirtiness – I just used it this morning. They have a rounded bottom but squared off top – this makes it easy to clean up the contour line.

The other side has a bit of a shorter dip. I’ve been using these two for a few days and the verdict is in. THEY’RE AMAZING! I think I have finally found my cheaper alternative to the beauty blender. The square edge is perfect for concealer. They don’t seem to soak up as much product either. DARE I SAY IT?! I might like it better than the beauty blender! The smaller sponge is slightly more dense so it’s great for cream products.

And the winner of the battle is …. Drumroll please…. ECO TOOLS!! 

I’m interested to see if the sponge lasts as long as the beauty blender does but all in all I’m super impressed and highly recommend it! Have you guys tried it? Let me know your thoughts.

Xoxo AwkwardGirlBeauty

17 thoughts on “Battle of the Beauty Sponges

  1. Thanks for the review. I picked up the Eco Tools sponges last month and have yet to use them. I alsohave the Real Techniques one, but unfortunately it needs to be disposed of since it’s beginning to fall apart. Can’t wait to use them!


  2. I have been using the ecotools sponges lately and I think they are a super close dupe for the beauty blender since they’re lighter and not as dense. I like them but some days I really do miss the point, but the flat edge is perfect for carving out a contour!


  3. Nice, I love a good product battle post. I wouldn’t have considered density an issue, but can see how it’s important. Maybe I’ll try the budget winner if I can ever stop using my 3.00 bag of 30 mini-sponges!

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  4. I also didn’t like the Real Technique sponge. Even after I soaked it I felt it left my foundation/concealer blotchy. I kind of want to try these now! thanks!!! 🤗


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