Kristin Ess Hair Care Review


Kristin Ess is a celebrity hairstylist to stars like Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale, who have the most perfect choppy do’s. She recently launched a line of hair care products for Target… like I needed another reason to go to Target. I picked up a few things I’ve been using for the last week and thought I would share my thoughts. First of all, the packaging is what appealed to me. It is perfect minimalist but yet great quality packaging!

A little background on my hair…

I have super fine – flat hair so I require volumizing shampoo, conditioner and styling products. I can’t use anything that says it is moisturizing or is too heavy. I don’t really have a lot of damage but do occasionally get a dry scalp, nothing a little coconut oil can’t fix.

Instant Lift Volumizing Mousse


Price point for this is $14. I have a hard time finding a good mousse that doesn’t weigh my hair down and doesn’t make it crunchy. I love the one from Alterna, but its close to $30.00 so this is a great alternative! It provides weightless volume with no crunch! The first time I used it my hair wasn’t wet enough and I wasn’t a fan. I tried it again and fell in love!


Refine Signature Finishing Spray


This is also $14. I don’t typically use a hairspray, I’m more of a texture spray kind of girl. But I read the reviews of this and they were great so I decided to pick it up. I would say it is a cross between a hairspray and a texture spray. It provides great hold, not sticky! You can still run your fingers through your hair but it does add a nice touch of texture.

Weightless Shine Leave-in Conditioner


This is $14 as well. This is where I was a little nervous. Because my hair is so fine, leave-in products typically weigh it down or make it too soft to where I can’t do anything with it. I usually use one from Redken, which I do love but it’s also pricey so I would love to find a great alternative. I made the mistake of using too much the first time and my hair was insanely soft so I couldn’t do anything with it (I know that sounds weird). This last time, I used 3-4 sprays and it did the job! It is super shiny, just the right amount of soft. I would also recommend this!

All in All

I would highly highly recommend this brand!! It’s such great quality for a more affordable price than salon brands. I am also wanting to try the dry shampoo and hair mask! Let me know if you guys have tried anything from this brand. Here is some proof and the volume and shine πŸ™‚


XoXo AwkwardGirl Beauty

8 thoughts on “Kristin Ess Hair Care Review

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is texturing spray for? Adding volume, giving it that wavy sort of look? I bought one once (most likely an inferior product), and it just ended up giving me a bed-head look. Haha. Great reviews and insights, though! I obviously have a lot to learn about hair. πŸ™‚


    1. hahaha! for me, I have super fine-thin-flat hair so after I wash it I can’t really style it because it’s so slick that it doesn’t hold style – so I used it in place of a traditional hair spray I spray it from root (it adds volume) and a little at the ends so it will hold style. If you have normal, or naturally voluminous hair you prob don’t need it to be honest. πŸ™‚


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