Netflix Watchlist Vol. 2

Here is what I’ve been watching recently…

The Crown


This show is a drama about the early years of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. OH MY! So good! The acting is superb, but the storyline is great! For folks around my age we only know Queen Elizabeth as the white haired old lady but this shows the early years, the struggles and so much personality to her .. highly recommend!

An Idiot Abroad


This is actually the third or fourth time I’ve watched this series, it’s that funny! Friends Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant decide to send their awkward-debbie downer- of a friend to different places around the world to experience different cultures. It is non-stop laughter as he is constantly put in awkward situations and a foreign country.



The best documentary I have ever watched. This film documents what has resulted since the 13th amendment that ended slavery in the U.S., but included loop-holes that made it easy to arrest African Americans and sentence them to lengthy sentences for petty crimes. From this, to the war on drugs, to the Crime Bill of the 90’s we now face a huge mass incarceration issue in America. This film will break your heart, piss you off and make you want to stand up and make a change. If you watch anything on this list, watch this.

Amanda Knox


I followed this trial as it was happening years ago, and was convinced she did it. I also watched the Lifetime movie made about it and was also convinced she had did it. But when I saw this documentary and it highlighted how botched this trial was, I am no longer convinced. They interview many people involved and bring evidence to light that was not made apparent during the trial. Check it out!


As always, let me know what you’re watching, I always need new content! 🙂

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