New Year, New Goals

IMG_0852.JPGI try to avoid using the word “resolution” because I think it sets me up for failure. But I have set some goals I would like to accomplish this year. (also, this shirt is from and my mom made the necklace @collagewv on IG)

Apologize Less

I always find myself apologizing for unnecessary things that I don’t really feel bad about but for some reason I feel the need to apologize for. Like, “Sorry I’m Late” .. or “Sorry I said that to you” when in reality, I’m probably not sorry for what I said, you might’ve deserved it. So instead of apologizing I will thank someone for waiting on me or stand by my words. That doesn’t mean I’m giving myself permission to be a bitch to everyone, I’m just sticking to my guns.

Health is Wealth, Y’all

I know, I know.. everyone’s resolution is to be healthier. But it’s not a bad goal to have. Being healthy isn’t necessarily my problem, being consistently health is my problem. Cheat days turn into cheat weeks all the damn time. Instead of being hard on myself, I’m challenging myself to work harder towards being a healthier person.

Build More Self-Confidence

I have mentioned before my stuggles with self-confidence while growing up. As I’ve grown into a woman, it has drastically improved. However, there is still always room for improvement. Self-Love is the best revenge and the best kind of love. Spread that shit.

Quit My Job

This year I want to finally quit the job that I hate. I’ve been at my job for 5 years and I have hated it pretty much since day 1. There are very limited employment options where I live, thus the reason I have stayed. This year I want to move out of the area and leave this godforsaken job 🙂

What are your goals for the new year? Xo


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