Teeth Whitening 101: Smile Brilliant


Hi, Y’all! Today I wanted to take the time to talk about a product I’ve been testing out the last several weeks to whiten my teeth. If you’re anything like me, you love coffee! Starbucks gold card, HOLLA! But you know who doesn’t love coffee? My teeth. To give a little back story on my teeth… they were one of my biggest insecurities growing up. I used to have crooked teeth. I did end up getting braces, but not until I was 20. Even with the straighter teeth I have now, I still struggle to find confidence with my teeth. To be honest, my teeth weren’t super yellow to start off, but needed some improvement. So, here’s my journey with Smile Brilliant…


Smile Brilliant is a company that offers the same whitening system that you would get from a dentist, at a lower cost and from the comfort of your own home. When you receive your kit, you will get the “putty”, as I liked to call it, mouth trays, and the whitening gel. If you opt for the sensitive kit, you’ll also receive the desensitizing gel. You will mix the two putties together into the trays to make your own impressions (just like at the dentist). When your molds dry, you mail them back and within a week or so you will get your personalized rubber trays. Think plastic retainers, just more flexible.


Having braces for a few years did make my teeth/gums more sensitive. So, honestly, I was a little bit nervous to try this system out. The only other whitening product I’ve used in the past was regular white strips you can get at the grocery store. And let me tell ya, I would be in some serious pain the next day after using those. Naturally, I found the idea of the desensitization gel appealing.

The first time testing out the system, I did not want to use the desensitization gel just to see how badly I would need it. I did notice a little bit of sensitivity the next day. But honestly, it was nothing compared to the sensitivity that comes with braces or using store-bought white strips.


The next time, I did try the desensitization gel to see if it lived up to the name. It actually works! I didn’t notice any sensitivity the next day. I do notice if I whiten my teeth 2 or 3 days in a row, they are more sensitive. So, if you do have sensitive teeth, I recommend whitening every other day. You can wear the trays from 1-3 hours at a time. I started with 45 minutes, since I was worried. I now wear them for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

I started seeing results right away. One mistake I made was using too much of the gel at once, it will get in your mouth if that happens. Don’t be like me, follow the instructions. Smile Brilliant’s website offers a really great FAQ page, you can find it here.



I have noticed since my teeth are whiter that I have been smiling more and smiling more in photos as well. One of their slogans is “Smile Fearlessly” and I am actually starting to believe that.


I have used the system five times now and I am love the results. I really can’t say that I have any complaints. I would definitely recommend trying this system out if you are looking for dentist quality results at a better price point.

Here is an informative video if you’d like some more information:



Smile Brilliant was kind enough to host a giveaway for my readers. Here are the rules and how to enter:

  • To enter you must click the giveaway link below to submit your name and email address
  • The giveaway will close 2 weeks from today
  • One winner will be chosen and contacted directly by Smile Brilliant
  • You will receive a store credit for $139.95


If you do chose to make a purchase with Smile Brilliant, you can use coupon code “awkwardgirlbb” at checkout to save some money!

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