Is America safe for women?


*Disclaimer* I am a very political person and it is never my intention to offend anyone. However, I want this blog to be a place for women to feel safe and to come together. Yes, most of my content will be fashion, beauty, or body positivity related but today some things needs to be said. I want to keep this a place of positivity, so no negative comments please.

As you know, our country has decided to let a misogynistic sexual predator into the White House. I believe most of us knew it would be a close race, but the shock that came early Wednesday morning was unprecedented. I would like to know, are we really at a place in American where we are so scared of a female head of state that we elect an outright bigot? I don’t know how we got here… but I know where we need to go.

If you share my beliefs on this situation, I ask you to not be silent. Your voice is needed, your action is needed. Please stand with your muslim friends, your latina friends, women of color, the LGBT community – we must band together to fight against this hatred towards women and minorities in our country. Stand up, come together and fight back! It is now more than ever that we need to stop putting other women down, and start lifting each other up. No one else is going to do it.

I challenge you to spread positivity at this time of darkness. Be the light needed to bring women together. We are stronger than this and we are bigger than this, so let’s show them. If you do not feel safe wearing a hijab or going out in public with your partner etc, let your friends know. Find support within your community, because you are not alone and you don’t have to be.

I want you to know that I am here, I support you. If you ever feel scared, need someone to talk to – you have someone on your side. Never hate to contact me. We will overcome this hatred and bigotry, together.

GIRL FUCKING POWER! xoxo Awkwardgirlbeauty


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