Tartelette Vs. Tartlette In Bloom


To start off, I absolutely love tarte! They are cruelty free, eco friendly and are offer very high quality products. They are definitely in my top 3 favorite brands. The Tartlette In Bloom Palette is also in my top 3 eyeshadow palettes. I recently won the original Tartlette palette in a giveaway, so I thought I would do a comparison because these two are actually VERY different.


The original Tartlette palette is all matte, and offers a variety of warm, cool and neutral shades to choose from. The Tartlette In Bloom also offers a variety of tones, but does include 3 metallic/shimmer shades. At first glance, they look super similar. This is why I never bought the first palette in the first place, but I was happy to win this in a giveaway.


The original Tartlette is very pretty and is definitely good for everyday looks. However, the quality of this palette is not nearly as good as expected, or the same quality as the Tartlette In Bloom. I have still gotten use out of this, and will continue to use it. However, these shadows are harder to blend and aren’t as smooth. They also aren’t as pigmented, so you have to build up the color and it is harder to blend. So, if you are willing to spend a little more time doing your eye look, you can definitely still get use out of this.


I did not swatch all of the shades, but here are a few for reference. This is with just one swipe and no primer, so take that with a grain of salt. BUT, here is the difference with swatches from the Tartlette In Bloom…


Same situation, one swipe and no primer. You can see the matte ones are more pigmented and smooth and the shimmer are also very pigmented. The only shade I have an issue with in this palette is the champagne color, it barely shows up so I never use it.


The Tartlette In Bloom is so so good! The shadows are pigmented, long wearing, super smooth and easy to blend. It is perfect for so many different looks.. everyday, a night out or special events. So, if you were only to buy one of these palettes from Tarte, definitely go with the Tartlette In Bloom, it’s way better quality overall! Now, since I did win the other palette I will definitely still use it. I just wanted to do this post for anyone who was on the fence about purchasing either of these.


XoXo AwkwardGirlBeauty

5 thoughts on “Tartelette Vs. Tartlette In Bloom

  1. I was so disappointed with the Tartelette quality that I actually sold mine! The Tartelette in Bloom looks so amazing though. Weird that they are so different. Congrats on winning a giveaway that is awesome! 😀


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