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Websites/Apps to Save Money

If you’re like me, your budget might not match your shopping habit. Sorry, bank account! But over the last few years there have been some websites or apps that I have been using to save money when I want to splurge but my wallet doesn’t agree.



Swagbucks is a website where you can take surveys, watch videos, sign up for offers with their partner sites and earn “swagbucks” once you reach a certain amount of bucks you can cash them in for a gift card. They offer gift cards for big retailers such as Sephora (I usually go with this one), Starbucks, American Eagle, Amazon, Walmart, Nike and so on and so on. So usually when I know I want to buy something expensive from Sephora, I’ll take a bunch of surveys from Swagbucks and earn a gift card to use towards my purchase. Now, it can be tedious and not super fun, but hey! free shit!

You can sign up using my referral link:



Ebates is a website that uses affiliate links that you can use to earn cash back on your purchases. Stores pay Ebates if commission if a purchase is made using an ebates link, and you receive a portion of that money. All you do is go to the Ebates website and find the store you want to shop, click on their link and place your order. You will receive money back either via check or paypal. It’s so easy! Literally, all you have to do is shop. And be honest, you were going to do it anyways why not earn some money back?
You can sign up for Ebates using my referral link:

3. Shopkick (app)


This is possibly the best shopping app I’ve ever used! It’s so easy! Download the app and turn on your bluetooth. The app will show you stores close to you where you can earn “kicks”, like swagbucks, you can redeem these kicks for gift cards. You can literally earn kicks just for walking in the store. You can also earn kicks by scanning product bar codes. You can earn more kicks for purchasing, but I honestly stick to the no purchase necessary kicks.

You can sign up with shopkick here:

4. Ibotta (app)


This one is similar to ebates, but you get money back for in-store purchase, they have a few online purchases available as well. I like this one because you can earn cash back on your groceries! On the app it will show you the stores available and which items from that store you can earn cash back on. Then, you take a picture of your receipt and the money is added to your account once verified. You can either do cash, paypal, or gift cards.

You can download Ibotta in the appstore on your phone. I do have a referral code: amlftee

**disclaimer** links included are referral codes so I may earn a reward or points if you use them. If you don’t feel comfortable using my links, you don’t have to! But, you should still check these out and save you some money girlfriend!

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