My Netflix Watchlist



If you’re an introvert like me, you tend to binge watch TV shows on a regular basis. Does anyone else feel like a little piece of their life is over after they finish a series? I hope that’s not just me, yes I know sooooo dramatic. Anyways, I thought I would compile a list with mini reviews of TV shows that I spent way too much of my time watching.

  1. Sons of Anarchy – aka my favorite show of all time


I have (no joke, try not to judge) watched this entire series three times… in a row. The drama is real with this show and alot of the time, over the top.. but .. have you seen Charlie Hunnam? Like helllloooo! But it’s not just him, you’ll learn to love OR hate every single character. I experienced every emotion with this show.. happiness, anger, sadness. etc. Go watch it if you haven’t already!



You can already see a trend emerging, I like shows about organized crime or that have some sort of criminal aspect. The majority of this show is in Spanish, so if you don’t speak Spanish you will have to pay attention the entire time to read the subtitles, but you get used to it. They really show you multiple sides to this man, the hometown hero, the father and husband, the monster and drug lord. Amazing!

3.Peaky Blinders


THIS SHOW IS INSANE (in a good way)! The accents take a bit to get used to if you’ve never heard a brummy accent before. But it takes place in Birmingham, England post World War I. It is about the Shelby family gang, the Peaky Blinder (obviously!) and their organized crime ring and its. just. so. good!

4. The Blacklist


Two words: JAMES SPADER. Raymond Reddington is a criminal on the FBI most wanted list, who ends up working with the FBI to take down his enemies. This show is outstanding. You will love Spader, he’s dark and twisty but you can tell deep down he still has a heart. Oh and Tom Keen. That’s all.

I have many many more shows I enjoy such as Scandal, Empire, Bloodline, New Girl, Jane the Virgin etc. But we would be here all day if I went on. What are your favorite shows on Netflix, I’m always looking for more to add to my queue. 🙂


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