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Fall Trends I’m Loving #2 – Velvet Booties


Hey, y’all! Another fall trend I’m loving this season, as you can tell my the title, is velvet booties! Or anything velvet for that matter. I’m also trying to step out of my comfort zone with a little heel action. I’m 5’9 so I’ve steered clear of heels my whole life, but who is to say that I can’t be 6’2 with heels and not rock that shit?! So, next on my shopping list are some of these cute booties. The cheetah print one’s above are from Lola’s Shoutique and retail for only $35.99! Cheetah is more versatile than people tend to think so there are so many different outfits you could style these with. Do these not scream 90’s Shania Twain? I’m all about it.


These little beauties are from Steve Madden, who is pretty much a shoe god in my eyes. You can find these on his website or Zappos (I will link everything below). These are slightly more pricey, $99.00. However, I’m sure the quality will match the price tag. These bad boys are so chic and can be dressed up or dressed down. Just don’t wear them in the snow, k thanks.


These are another pair of babies from Lola Shoetique. They have more of a 60’s twiggy mod vibe going on and I’m loving it! I don’t know that I’m ready to rock that 4 inch heel, but if you can, you go girl! These are also affordable at $38.99. I personally have never purchased from Lola Shoetique, but I have heard so many good things! I will be making a purchase from them soon and will be doing a haul/review so keep a look out for that!

Product Links

Cheetah Booties:

Maroon Booties:

Patchwork Booties:

What fall trends are you guys loving? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “Fall Trends I’m Loving #2 – Velvet Booties

  1. I feel like these boots have changed my life and I don’t even own them. Especially the cheetah ones – I’m dead. Love your blog! xo


  2. Hey I love the velvet booties! I like the fact that you went for a different approach by talking about cheetah print velvet booties!! I just started a blog and one of my first posts is about fall trends . Would u mind taking a look at it ? And I would be happy to exchange a follow for a follow. Sorry if you are seeing the same msg from me I don’t think the first one i sent went through


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