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Why I Will No Longer be Supporting Colourpop…



As many of you have probably seen or read, there was a recent controversy over the names of the deep toned sculpting sticks by Colourpop. But in case you missed it the geniuses at Colourpop decided to name their deeper sticks “Yikes”, “Typo” and “dume”. Is it a typo to have deep skin, Colourpop?! Now, obviously, I am a white woman, but this does offend me and sends the wrong message to women of color. The names for the light toned highlighting sticks are “Castle”, “Illuminati” and “Often”. WHAT?!

Colourpop released a statement saying they were immediately changing their naming process. But, how did these names get approved in the first place? Racial tension is at an all time high in America and I believe makeup brands should be doing more to support women of color, not demeaning them with insulting shade names.

Just like I quit supporting Lime Crime when they let their customer’s information get compromised, I will no longer be supporting Colourpop cosmetics. I love their products and do think they are amazing for the price, but I cannot support a brand that does not want to empower ALL women, whether or not they have the “desired” skin tone of that said brand. I will continue to use the products I own from them, but will not be purchasing from them again. I hope other fellow beauty lovers will do their research on this issue, and also boycott Colourpop.


4 thoughts on “Why I Will No Longer be Supporting Colourpop…

  1. Wow. Take a stand. I am African american and when I saw the names , I was kind of disappointed. A lot of us both super pale and beyond medium skin tone find it hard to find shade on top of that I have to look at shades that insunate that you did not want to have them . boycotting is hard for some of us when there aren’t a lot of companies who do not support us as it is and at the price point. I don’t have a problem with saying see ya to a company or a CEO that doesn’t have inclusive views. I hope more companies open their doors to our pockets and beauty needs.


    1. Exactly! It is hard because they are such good quality for a good price but I find it so hard to support a company that would let something like those names get approved. Now , you’re right if we would be boycotting all makeup brands that didn’t have shades to fit all women, we wouldn’t have many brands that we could shop and that’s sad. But I’m hoping maybe this scandal will open the eyes of more brands to stand to include women, and women of color.

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