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Dressing for Curves

IMG_8615I’m far from the skinniest girl out there. I’m not fat, but I am curvy. For a long time I struggled finding confidence when it came to what I “should” be wearing for my body type. There were always trends that I adored but would never wear because I had convinced myself that I couldn’t because of my curves. This was until, I discovered @honorcurves and @healthyisthenewskinny on instagram. There was an article published last year in O magazine (yes, Oprah!) that stated women should only wear crop tops “if, and only if” they have a flat stomach. This sparked an instagram movement by these two accounts that changed my outlook on how I dress forever. #Ifandonlyifiwantto took over the internet. Women with curves, without curves, of all shapes and sizes were posting pics of themselves in crop tops and using the hashtag. I was so inspired, I posted one myself and have been rocking crop tops ever since. For years I would tell myself that I couldn’t wear certain things because I wasn’t skinny. It wasn’t until someone else (Oprah!) told me I couldn’t wear something that it triggered something in my head. Who are you to tell me I can’t wear an article of clothing, this is 2016 and women can wear whatever they want!

So Rule #1 in dressing for curves: THERE ARE NO RULES WEAR WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU WANT! Be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and don’t let anyone else tell you that you can’t wear something because you don’t have a certain body type.

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