First impression: Bare Minerals Prep Step spf 30

 I have been on the hunt for a new primer & also been wanting to add SPF in my into my skincare routine. I picked this up at ulta this week because it was had spf and is supposed to work as a primer under makeup. I also have sensitive skin so Bare Minerals usually works well for me. Not only is my skin sensitive, it’s mildly oily so this is where I was worried with this product. Sunscreens are normally greasy and it made no mattifying promises. Today was the first day I used the product so this is truly a first impression. So far…. HELLO NEW FAVORITE PRIMER. This is super light weight under makeup. I also believe it helps with evening the application of your foundation and helps your foundation stick to the base. I wore my foundation for my 8 hour shift.. I did get slightly shiny but not nearly as shiny as a I normally do. I normally have to touch up around lunch time.. Not today! I recommend this to anyone looking to add spf into their daily routine. If you have extremely oily skin, it might not work for you. But I would give this a shot if you’re dry, normal or combination like myself. 😉

2 thoughts on “First impression: Bare Minerals Prep Step spf 30

  1. I tend to be skeptical with primers, especially if they contain silicone/dimethicone. Not really the business for my combo skin. Thanks for the heads up and following!


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