Makeup For Glasses


I’m a full-time glasses wearer, no contacts EVER. I probably should eventually come into the 21st century and try contacts, but I’ve worn glasses since I was 6 years old soooo… I’m pretty attached. My first tip for glasses wearers like me, who love makeup is: WHERE WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT – first and foremost. But if you are struggling to find what works for your frames here are some tips for ya, girl!

Tip #1: Don’t neglect your eyes!

I think it is a huge misconception that if you wear glasses you shouldn’t wear eye makeup because no one can see it.. WRONG. Again, I’m a fan of wearing whatever makeup look you prefer. Mascara and a winged liner will really open your eyes and make you look more awake!

Tip #2: Eyebrows

If you are into super bold brows, do you girl! But for me personally, since I do rock thicker frames I try to keep them slightly more natural. Using a powder, or even a brown eyeshadow and a little bit of brow gel will do the trick!

Tip #3: Don’t forget blush and or bronzer

Since we have filled in the brows and put on mascara and eyeliner we will want to blush and/or bronze our face to bring some life back to the skin! I love peachy-toned blush to make the cheeks pop.

Tip #4: Lipstick

There is something about a bold lip that really completes the look with bold glasses. In my opinion there is nothing more chic! Rock a bright red, pink or berry lip to complete the look!

I hope these tips will help anyone who is struggling to wear makeup with glasses. Let me know if you also have any tips! πŸ™‚



35 thoughts on “Makeup For Glasses

  1. I don’t wear my glasses full time, but I’m pretty part time with them. An something I notice is that my glasses frame is pretty thick, an if my eyebrows are too thick. They seem to blend together as one, I don’t really like the look on me. So when I do wear them, I try to keep them as natural looking as possible.


  2. Love this. I tried contacts but they irritated my eyes, so I stopped. I used to only need my glasses for distance but they have just gotten worse overtime. Now I can’t see 80% of the time without them. Glad to see you can work your makeup even with glasses!


  3. I loved this! I’m a glasses wearer and I’ve always been so careful with how much I put on! It’s great to see your lips looking so good! Given me loads of ideas so thank you! πŸ’•


  4. Love this! I wear glasses all the time as well and winged eyeliner is a must! Love your glasses, you wear them so well!
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