Self-Tanner Review


I’m not going to lie, not only am I awkward, I’m pale AF. I used to lay in the tanning bed 4 days a week for YEARS. Thanks to my poor choices, I’ll probably have skin cancer one day. I quit laying in the beds a few years ago but still find my self self-conscious about my pale skin. Last year I decided to try self-tanning products. The first product I used was St. Tropez Self-Tan Express. I had seen this product on YouTube many times so I decided to give it a try. I recently went to replenish my stock on this product but instead decided to try something new…Fake Bake Darker. So I decided to do a comparison review.

St. Tropez

You can buy St. Tropez products at Sephora, Ulta, or The 8 oz bottle retails for $44.00 US.


Easy to apply. Only have to wear for 1-3 hours depending on level of tan wanted. Lasts about a week and fades naturally (no peely brown grossness!) Streak-Free!


Pricey. Does stain knees, elbows and feet even if you use sparingly in those areas + apply moisturizer before as instructed.

Fake Bake

You can purchase Fake Bake products at Ulta or Fake Bake Darker + Mit retails for $30.00. (you can buy just the tanner on Amazon for way cheaper!)


Even easier to apply than the mousse. At first I was skeptical because it was a spray liquid and not the mousse I was used to. But it’s actually way easier than the mousse. It is also streak-free and lasts about a week. It is cheaper than St. Tropez and comes with a mit!


It does transfer on clothing (but not sheets, so weird) so if you do apply it wear old clothes you don’t mind getting some tanner on.

If you are new to tanning, I would recommend going with the Fake Bake. It’s slightly more affordable and easier to apply.

Self-Tanning Tips:

Exfoliate before tanning. This will remove all of the dead skin from your body making your tan look more even and natural.

Always use a mit! Using a mit will cause less of a mess and give you an even application.

Apply moisturizer day and night after tanning application. This will pro-long your tan!

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