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Sensitive Skin Care Routine

I had never struggled with any skin issues as a teenager. It wasn’t until I hit 20 years old that I started getting acne and oily skin. I thought, IS THIS ADULTHOOD?! I don’t want it! I tried ProActiv and products that were more chemical based for the first couple of years but nothing I tried worked. I then came to the conclusion that I didn’t have acne, I had sensitive skin and the products I was using were breaking me out! So here are some skin care tips for those of you with sensitive skin, and anyone in general who has skin on their face (I’m talking to you).

Tip #1 – Quit using makeup remover wipes! 

Makeup remover wipes are made to be quick and convenient, not necessarily giving any benefit to your skin care routine. You may think you are taking off your face, but anyone who has used a clarisonic after using a makeup wipe will feel me on this, you have barely scratched the surface with removing your makeup! I recommend using a cleansing oil (coconut oil is great, for many things, but makeup removal in particular) it will remove almost every drop of makeup!

Tip #2 – Switch to a gentle cleanser

Anyone who knows me, knows that “Purity” cleanser by Philosophy is the love of my life. As I mentioned above, I used to use Proactiv and it only made my breakouts worse. I started using purity about 2 years ago and have not looked back since. It is gentle, creamy, amazing at removing makeup – it basically gives you a new face, thank you Philosophy!

Tip #3 – Moisturize, even if you have oily skin

When my skin first started getting oily I thought OMG I cannot moisturize my skin it will make it worse..WRONG! The gland that produces oil for you skin is called the sebum. If you do not cleanse and moisturize your skin, your sebum gland will kick into overdrive and produce even more oil to compensate. So if you don’t want to look like a greased chicken, moisturize your face girl! I recommend a light weight gel-based moisturizer for oily combination skin.


I try to drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water per day, if I can drink a gallon it’s even better. Drinking lots of water helps to release toxins from your body. In turn, you will have fewer breakouts, your skin won’t be dry and you can slow down the aging process. Who doesn’t want to age gracefully?

Tip #5 – Vitamin C

I’m just going to throw this out there…I POP MY PIMPLES. I’M GUILTY. and you probably are too. If you aren’t, then just quit reading now thanks. I not only pop the pimple, I’m sometimes guilty of picking the skin that is left over from the pimple. I know, I’m a disgraceful human being. But if you’re like me, than you know after these traumatic pimple events you are usually left with some sort of scar or dark spot. Vitamin C to the rescue!! You can get vitamin c in the form of an oil you rub on your face or even pill form (or in my case gummy vitamins because i’m a 12 year old stuck in a 24 year old body). I take vitamin c every night before bed and I have noticed improvements in the dullness of my skin. It is now more bright and even. Using a vitamin c oil on your dark spot will lighten the spot within days, and it will be completely gone within weeks!



What are your skin care tips? I’m always looking to learn new tricks for skin! Let me know gurrrrrl.

5 thoughts on “Sensitive Skin Care Routine

  1. I completely understand my skin is really sensitive aswell! I recently published my first blog post on my Winter skin care and all these products work really well on my dry sensitive skin I would really appreciate it if u
    checked it out xx


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